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Ambulatory Surgery Billing Services.

DSO Med Plus is an ambulatory Surgery billing expert. We aim to deliver outstanding medical billing services to ambulatory Surgery Billing and their doctors.

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Ambulatory Surgery Billing Services Effective-Revenue-Cycle-Management

ASC Billing Operation

We are committed to offering comprehensive, cost-effective solutions for our clients and have an experienced group of qualified medical billing specialists. We are devoted to collaborating with our clients to guarantee accurate and speedy claim processing and particular attention to any special needs they may have. We are here to assist you in running a lucrative and effective ASC billing process.

Streamlining ASCs, Defeating Billing Hurdles and Ambulatory Surgery Billing

We aim to boost your Ambulatory Surgery Center’s profitability while providing effective medical billing services. Our staff can handle every aspect of your ASC revenue cycle. We strive to have the highest collected revenue levels in the business. Each of our clients has a specialized staff that is experts in all aspects of the medical revenue cycle, from insurance verification through rejection follow-up and accounts receivable for your claims.

Unlocking Your ASC's Revenue Potential

At DSO Med Plus, we understand that optimizing your Ambulatory Surgical Center’s (ASC) revenue is crucial to its success. While reimbursements from insurance networks and government payers may seem rigid, we recognize that one area offering immense potential for revenue improvement is negotiating favorable rates as an out-of-network provider. Our dedicated negotiations team is well-versed in the intricacies of the negotiation process and is committed to ensuring that your ASC billing services receive the best possible reimbursements. We know that payers employ tough negotiators, but we are equally prepared and equipped with the expertise to navigate these challenges effectively. Partner with DSO Med Plus, and together, we will unlock the true revenue potential of your ASC through expert out-of-network reimbursement negotiation.
Ambulatory Surgery Billing Services Out-of-Network Reimbursement Rate Negotiation
Ambulatory Surgery Billing Services. Patient Scheduling

Successful Medical Revenue Cycle

The patient scheduling process is the cornerstone of a successful medical revenue cycle. At DSO Med Plus, we recognize the importance of getting this initial phase right to ensure optimal payment outcomes. We leave no stone unturned in capturing all essential patient information accurately and documenting it meticulously. Trust DSO Med Plus with your patient scheduling, and experience the difference between a well-orchestrated and financially thriving ASC billing service.

Benefits Verification

At DSO Med Plus MSO, we understand that despite practitioners performing similar procedures at hospitals, ambulatory surgery center billing has its own reimbursement limitations. Ensuring that only approved treatments and procedures are provided is crucial, as any deviation from the approved list can result in non-payment for the ASC. That’s why our highly trained professionals emphasize benefits verification’s significance in this setting. We meticulously verify and cross-check proposed actions with the patient’s benefits coverage, leaving no room for errors or oversights.
Ambulatory Surgery Billing Services Benefits Verification
Ambulatory Surgery Billing Services Unique Coding Requirements

Billing and Coding for ASC

DSO Med Plus coders are well-versed in the subtleties of ambulatory surgical center coding. Coders have experience recommending billed amounts for certain services and informing customers about payer bundling regulations that affect revenue. Our coders additionally verify that the paperwork provided matches the payer’s requirements. Our coders analyze the super bills the physician utilizes and advise the services that need to be included/modified depending on the current prevalent codes.

DSO is the Best Choice for ASC Billing.

We are proud of our billing professionals, who are well-versed in ASC revenue difficulties. Our expertise in ASC billing enables us to provide industry-leading services. We have ASC-specialized coders with AAPC (American Association of Professional Coders) accreditation that assures error-free code implementation for optimum income. Our organization employs well-trained AR callers who strive tirelessly to obtain the highest possible settlement from insurance carriers. Our best-in-class customer care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which helps us maintain high levels of client satisfaction.
Ambulatory Surgery Billing Services Continual Electronic System Updates

Save More, Spend Less

ASCs use our end-to-end billing and RCM solutions to ensure a consistent flow of revenue, a streamlined revenue cycle, and improved workflow. Our billing professionals maximize their earnings for delivered services, allowing them to invest in cutting-edge equipment, tools, and systems for procedures such as endoscopy. DSO’s complete billing and coding solutions assist such centers in mitigating the impact of an aging population on surgical procedure demand.
We recognize the significance of ASCs in minimizing the impact of an aging population on the surgical labor crisis. We assist ASCs in maintaining their autonomy and functioning the way they must by maximizing income and minimizing claim denials. 

Get the Secure, Accurate, and Fast Ambulatory Surgery Billing

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ASC billing services refer to the specialized medical billing and revenue cycle management solutions tailored for Ambulatory Surgery Centers. They handle claims submissions, benefits verification, accurate coding, denial management, and reimbursement optimization. These services are vital for ASCs to ensure proper and timely reimbursement for the services provided, streamline financial processes, and maintain a healthy revenue flow.
ASC billing services can significantly impact revenue by optimizing the entire billing process. They identify and rectify coding errors, ensure that all procedures are properly documented for reimbursement, and handle the complexities of dealing with various insurance providers. By reducing claim denials, optimizing reimbursements, and improving revenue cycle efficiency, these services can lead to increased revenue for your Ambulatory Surgery Center.
DSO Med Plus ASC billing services are distinguished by our team’s extensive expertise and experience in ambulatory surgery center billing. Our professionals are well-versed in the nuances of ASC billing, enabling them to navigate the unique challenges of the healthcare industry effectively. Additionally, our technology-driven approach, commitment to accuracy, and personalized solutions set us apart, resulting in improved financial performance and peace of mind for our clients.
Outsourcing ASC billing services can be cost-effective for your surgery center in several ways. By entrusting billing to specialized experts like DSO Med Plus, you avoid the expenses associated with hiring and training an in-house billing team. Additionally, our proficiency in revenue cycle management helps maximize reimbursements and minimize claim denials, ultimately increasing your ASC’s overall revenue. This cost-saving and revenue-boosting combination makes outsourcing ASC billing services a prudent investment for your Ambulatory Surgery Center.