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Physician Billing, Simplified

Extraordinary solutions that go above and beyond the norm. We provide effective medical billing audit services to practices of all sizes, personalized insurance, patient billing, and healthcare recovery help.

DSO Med Plus Frees Doctors to Focus on Their Tasks
Focused On You

DSO Med Plus Frees Doctors to Focus on Their Tasks

DSO Med Plus liberates doctors to concentrate on their core priorities by assuming full control of revenue cycle management (RCM). This allows them to focus solely on delivering exceptional patient care with minimal administrative distractions.

Benefits of

Outsourcing Physician Medical Billing

Streamline your medical billing process by outsourcing it to DSO Med Plus. Free up physicians’ valuable time, enabling them to focus on providing top-notch patient care while leaving the complexities of medical billing in expert hands.

Mission Enhanced Focus on Patient Care

By delegating billing tasks to a specialized service provider like DSO Med Plus, physicians can redirect their attention to patient interactions, improving care quality and patient satisfaction.
Physician Billing, Simplified Focus on Patient Care
Physician Billing, Simplified Expertise and Accuracy

Expertise and Accuracy

DSO Med Plus billing professionals possess the expertise and knowledge required for accurate claim submissions, reducing claim rejections and denials, and optimizing revenue collection.

Faster Revenue cycle with physician billing

We can collect payments more quickly than many practices. Efficient billing processes and timely submissions lead to faster reimbursements, improving the medical practice’s cash flow.
Physician Billing, Simplified Faster Revenue Cycle

Your needs, our expertise.

Medical billing concerns are becoming more problematic for doctors. This might have a detrimental influence on their profession and reduce their earnings. Maintaining in-house workers is not always viable since it adds to a provider’s costs. In such cases, an audit of your billing practice by a competent medical billing company DSO Med Plus may solve all of your billing problems. It may help boost sales and transform your clinic into a profitable business.

Unlock Your Revenue Potential with Our Optimal Physician Billing

Physician Billing, Simplified Audit-and-Consultation
Audit and Consultation

Physicians work very hard to provide the finest possible treatment to their patients. Their efforts will be fruitless unless their medical billing staff works effectively and cohesively.

Physician Billing, Simplified Audit-and-Consultation
Denial management

We have highly skilled billing staff that solves rejected or denied claims quickly and analytically. We take the required measures to determine the precise problem causing the denial/rejection, rectify the claim.

Physician Billing, Simplified Credentialing

DSO Med Plus provides low-cost provider enrollment and medical credentialing services. We deal with all specializations and can help you enroll in any insurance network.

Physician Billing, Simplified patient updates
AR follow up

We are a driver of your timely cash flow since we have extensive expertise and experience in medical billing across many specializations, insurances, and rejections. Our AR management services enable good collections and better cash flow.

We're the Physician Billing Experts Who Can Help You Thrive.

Boost Claims, Revenue, and Profits

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Physician Billing, Simplified cardiology

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DSO Med Plus specializes in optimizing revenue cycles for healthcare providers. By entrusting us with your billing, you can focus on patient care while we handle complex billing tasks efficiently, improving collections and reducing administrative burden.
Our team employs highly effective claims management strategies and advanced billing technology to minimize claim rejections and denials. By streamlining the billing process, we can significantly increase your collections rate, translating into improved cash flow and higher revenue for your practice.
Absolutely! At DSO Med-Plus, data security is of utmost importance to us. We adhere to strict industry standards and protocols to safeguard your practice’s sensitive information. Our systems have robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.
DSO Med Plus provides detailed and transparent reporting to keep you updated on your practice’s financial health. You’ll receive regular reports highlighting key metrics, claim statuses, and revenue trends. Our team can also address any questions or concerns about the reports.