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Our medical billing services and revenue cycle management solutions will help you streamline your finances.

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Put yourself at ease and focus on your patients. We at DSO Med Plus handle the billing with the following procedure:

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DSO Med Plus is a prominent provider of innovative technologies and services that revolutionize healthcare businesses’ administrative and clinical operations.
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We provide comprehensive billing solutions to guarantee that companies of all sizes and specializations get the needed services, including medical billing claims and practice management systems. Get the benefit from our superior quality and accuracy to streamline your billing process and maximize your revenue potential.


Our clear objective is to simplify your billing, increase revenue, and enhance patient care. It will be accomplished by filling claims promptly, preventing denials, implementing precise coding methods, and refining billing procedures.
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Our vision is to give you solutions for change. We are committed to delivering our clients the highest level of service and support, building long-term relationships based on trust, expertise, and collaboration.


Our ideology in medical billing services is based on a patient-centered approach, excellence in coding and compliance, revenue optimization, Data security and confidentiality, and continuous improvement. We believe in making a difference.

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At DSO Med-Plus, our medical billing services are the foundation of our operations and guide our interactions with clients, patients, and team members.



We prioritize precision and attention to detail in every aspect of medical billing to ensure error-free coding, claim submissions, and financial transactions.
Upholding the highest ethical standards, we maintain transparency, honesty, and trustworthiness in all interactions with clients, patients, and stakeholders.
Embracing technology and staying up-to-date with industry advancements, we continuously seek innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and optimize revenue cycles.
We take responsibility for our actions and strive to deliver results that align with our client's objectives, owning up to any challenges and actively seeking solutions.

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Expertise that caters to your needs. Our customized medical billing services are available for a wide range of specialties, including but not limited to:

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At DSO Med Plus, we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise and experience in medical billing across various specialties. Our commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and compliance sets us apart. Additionally, we offer personalized solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs, ensuring seamless revenue cycle management.
We understand the critical importance of patient data security. At DSO Med Plus, we strictly adhere to all healthcare regulations, including HIPAA, to safeguard patient information. Our systems and processes are designed to maintain confidentiality and always protect sensitive data.
Our team of billing experts closely scrutinizes each claim to ensure accurate coding and proper documentation. By staying up-to-date with industry changes and leveraging innovative technology, we minimize claim denials and maximize reimbursements, leading to improved revenue outcomes for our clients.
Absolutely! We believe in providing tailored solutions to our clients. Our team collaborates closely with healthcare providers to understand their practice’s unique requirements and challenges. By doing so, we can develop a personalized approach to medical billing that aligns with your practice’s goals and specialties.