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Urology Billing Services.

Our medical billing services for urologists are scalable and focused on the needs of the patients. DSO Med Plus’s full Urology billing services solution is designed to maximize collection rates and minimize reimbursement delays.

Urology Billing Service.
Outsourcing Medical

Urology Billing Services

Outsourcing Medical

Medical billing in the field of urology is complex and prone to expensive mistakes, just as it is in many other medical subspecialties. Getting the coding correct without missing anything is difficult for many practices, especially when dealing with operations ranging from small in-office measures to significant surgeries involving hospital stays and follow-up therapies.

Challenges for Urology Practices

Highly specialized treatments are rarely performed frequently; therefore, medical billers may not understand the coding well, leading to errors. However, medical billers of urology billing services who enter the same codes daily get extremely comfortable.

Denied Claims

Payers frequently deny coverage for that item after a procedure has been performed and a claim has been submitted. However, it is important to note that in many cases, the claim is legitimate, and the denial is often due to a coding error that inaccurately describes the procedure. One common reason for this issue is the absence of urology medical coding for the tests that confirmed the procedure’s medical necessity. The requirements of medical coding for urology must be strictly followed, without exception, even if the rest of the documentation indicates their necessity.
Medical billing Denied Claims
Medical billing Under-Coding and Over

Under-Coding and Over-Coding

Failure to include all necessary subcategory coding and modifiers when billing for services can lead to under-coding, inefficient urology billing services, and a loss of revenue. Engaging in illegal activities can have serious consequences and should be avoided, even if the intention is to save a patient money. It is important to note that coding inaccurately or for services not performed is illegal. However, such errors can occur simply by entering the wrong code.

Solution to Urology Billing Issues

Running a urology practice involves numerous components, and it is crucial to ensure that revenue cycle management does not impede the primary focus of doctors and nurses, which is providing care to patients. Physicians and administrators of busy offices find it challenging to stay updated with the ever-changing billing guidelines and coding requirements in the field of urology.
Solution to Urology Billing Issues