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Reasons for Hiring Medical Billing Agencies

Are you a healthcare provider struggling with the complexities of medical billing? Do you find it challenging to keep up with the ever-changing rules and regulations in the healthcare industry? If so, you’re not alone. Medical billing is a complex field that demands precision and expertise. In this article, we will explore the compelling reasons why hiring medical billing agencies is a smart decision for healthcare organizations.

What is Medical Billing?

Before delving into the reasons for hiring medical billing agencies, let’s first understand what medical billing entails. Healthcare providers invest significant time, money, and resources in delivering quality patient care. However, receiving proper compensation for their services is equally vital for the smooth functioning of hospitals and healthcare facilities.
The medical billing process involves managing accounts, billing, administrative work, and medical codes. It can quickly become overwhelming for hospital staff and administration. Inefficiencies in coding or form-filling can lead to delays in payment from insurance companies like Medicaid, Medicare, and others. Shockingly, the healthcare industry experiences an annual loss of $125 billion due to flawed claims. Neglecting the importance of outsourcing critical billing procedures can harm your practice’s revenue management cycle, reputation, and patient service quality.

Benefits of Hiring Medical Billing Agencies

Now, let’s delve deeper into the compelling benefits of entrusting your medical billing to specialized agencies:

Elimination of Pain Points

Imagine dealing with thousands of complex medical billing codes coupled with ever-evolving policies and procedures imposed by insurance payors. It’s a daunting task for any healthcare organization. However, working with a reputable medical billing company can save your facility a significant amount of time and effort.
Medical billing agencies have dedicated experts in medical billing and coding. These professionals are held completely accountable for getting the job done efficiently and accurately every day. By passing these responsibilities to experts, you can free up your in-house staff to focus on delivering high-quality patient care rather than getting bogged down by the intricacies of billing processes.
Moreover, the constant evolution of medical billing rules and regulations means that staying compliant is a constant challenge. Billing agencies are well-versed in the latest changes and can ensure that your organization is always up to date, reducing the risk of costly mistakes and compliance issues.

Increased Net Collections

One of the primary goals of medical billing agencies is to maximize your revenue. They achieve this by identifying and addressing deficiencies in your existing revenue cycle. Depending on your current processes and challenges, the increase in net collections can range from 5% to a remarkable 50%.
These increased net collections represent an immediate profit boost for your healthcare organization. In most cases, the additional profits generated more than cover the fees charged by the outsourced medical billing company. This means that by hiring an agency, you not only improve your billing processes but also make your practice more financially sustainable.
With more revenue at your disposal, you have the resources to grow your practice, invest in new equipment or technology, and provide additional services to your patients. It’s a win-win situation for both your organization and your patients.

Predictable Cash Flows and Faster Collections

Consistent and predictable cash flow is essential for any healthcare organization. When you have a complete focus on medical billing, you can streamline the entire process. Reputable medical billing services use certified professional coders who thoroughly scrub claims before sending them off to payors.
This meticulous approach leads to faster claim processing, fewer rejections, and, ultimately, a reduction in your outstanding accounts receivable (AR) days. The goal should always be to keep your AR days under 30 days. By achieving this, you can enjoy a more reliable and predictable cash flow.
Predictable cash flows provide your organization, including medical billing agencies, with financial stability, enabling you to plan for the future with confidence. You can allocate resources more effectively, invest in improvements, and ensure that your staff is paid promptly.

Accountability and Single Point of Contact

In many healthcare practices, billing staff are often pulled in multiple directions, primarily related to patient care. This can lead to stakeholders accepting excuses and tolerating mediocre billing results. However, with an experienced medical billing company, there are no interruptions. The sole focus is on collecting as much revenue as possible in the shortest amount of time.
When you partner with a billing firm, you’ll typically have one dedicated account manager who serves as your single point of contact. This manager accepts 100% accountability for achieving optimal billing results.
This level of accountability is a game-changer. It means that there’s no room for excuses or subpar performance. Your organization can rest assured that your billing processes are being handled by experts who are committed to delivering outstanding results.
The accountability provided by a medical billing agency extends beyond just claims processing. They are responsible for every aspect of the revenue cycle, from verifying insurance eligibility to handling denials and appeals. This comprehensive approach ensures that your organization receives the maximum reimbursement for the services you provide.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Managing an in-house medical billing department can be costly. You have to budget for salaries, benefits, training, and ongoing education for billing staff. These expenses create a fixed departmental cost that doesn’t necessarily align with your practice’s revenue fluctuations.
However, partnering with a reputable billing company can transform your cost structure. Instead of a fixed expense, you shift to a variable cost that is directly tied to the net revenue collected. In other words, you only pay for the services you use.
This cost structure is advantageous for several reasons. During periods of reduced patient volume and reimbursements, your billing fees decrease, helping to offset the financial challenges. Conversely, when patient visits and reimbursements are on the rise, you can justify paying higher fees for the increased volume.

Better Efficiency, Reporting, and Accountability

Outsourcing your medical billing to a reputable agency results in more efficient processes, comprehensive reporting, and enhanced accountability. Here’s how:
Efficiency: A medical billing service streamlines the entire billing process. From claim submission to payment posting, everything is handled efficiently and accurately. This automation takes place behind the scenes without requiring your time, training, or management involvement. Your staff can now dedicate more time to patient care and practice growth.
Reporting: Reputable medical billing agencies provide detailed financial reports that demonstrate excellent returns on investment. These reports give you insight into your practice’s financial health, including key metrics like net collections, AR days, and denial rates. With access to this information, you can make informed decisions about the future of your practice.
Accountability: When you partner with a billing firm, each component of the revenue cycle is managed by billing experts. This means that there’s a higher level of accountability throughout the entire process. The agency is committed to achieving optimal results, and this commitment translates into financial success for your organization.

Ease of Use

Transitioning to a medical billing service is seamless and hassle-free. Your facility won’t need to worry about learning new processes or systems. The billing service experts have little to zero learning curves when working on your account.
The ease of use extends beyond just the technical aspects of medical billing. It also encompasses the convenience of having experts handle your billing processes, leaving your staff free to focus on patient care and other critical tasks. This seamless integration of billing services allows your organization to operate more efficiently and provide a higher level of service to your patients.

Increased Clinical Space

Outsourcing your medical billing can lead to a surprising benefit – increased clinical space. Administrative areas that were once dedicated to billing and paperwork can be repurposed into revenue-generating spaces, such as additional exam rooms or an on-site lab.
This shift in space allocation can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue that couldn’t be realized before due to space constraints. It’s a practical way to optimize the use of your facility and increase your practice’s capacity without major capital investments.
By making efficient use of your clinical space, you not only enhance your practice’s profitability but also improve the patient experience. With more available exam rooms, you can reduce wait times and accommodate more patients, leading to higher patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Final Thoughts

The decision to hire a medical billing agency can be a game-changer for healthcare organizations. It offers a wide range of benefits, including the elimination of pain points, increased net collections, predictable cash flows, accountability, reduced overhead costs, improved efficiency, and the potential for increased clinical space.
If you’re looking to optimize your medical billing processes and boost your practice’s financial health, consider partnering with a trusted and experienced billing company. It’s a strategic move that can lead to significant improvements in your revenue management and overall operations.
For a reliable and results-driven medical billing agency, look no further than DSO Med Plus. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping healthcare organizations like yours achieve financial success while delivering exceptional patient care. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your practice’s profitability and efficiency.

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