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Durable Medical Equipment Billing Services.

In-depth familiarity with DME billing criteria is crucial for error-free billing services for durable medical equipment. The experts at DSO Med Plus well comprehend the difficulties associated with submitting DME claims.
What does a DME Billing Service entail

What does a DME Billing Service entail?

Invoices must be coded before the document’s catalog, and records can be compiled for electronic claims filing. However, before submitting, ensure all your paperwork is correct and full. Incomplete or incorrect paperwork is a common cause of payment delays or outright refusal. To guarantee a flawless claim, reduced DSO, and zero denials, our billing service pays particular attention to the quality of supporting paperwork.

DSO Med Plus Follows Top-Notch Process for DME Billing Services

Process of collecting and recording information.

To prevent both fatal and non-fatal document errors, we have implemented a strategy of assigning trained professionals to work closely with providers. Our billing professionals will work closely with your team to gather all the information required by insurance companies. We collect and analyze data from your end meticulously and privacy-compliantly. The data is securely stored in our database, ensuring easy retrieval and accurate billing without any errors.
Process of collecting and recording information.
Management of Denials

Management of Denials

Resolving payment discrepancies can be challenging without the assistance of experts who possess knowledge of carrier-specific claims guidelines. If the amount you are reimbursed is lower than expected, our DME medical billing services can help you. If you have been underpaid or not paid due to non-compliance, we will rectify the issue and file an appeal to ensure you are correctly reimbursed. We aim to resolve this matter promptly and efficiently without subjecting you to any further ordeal.

Assistance with Filing Claims

The claims filing process is often overlooked as a straightforward task that only requires filling out forms. Contrary to popular belief, this step is crucial and plays a significant role in expediting claims processing. We reorder invoices and claim documents according to the insurance carrier’s preference. This is because each carrier has its unique standard for accepting documents from the claims initiator. Once we have confirmed that all digital and paper documents are complete, we file claims in the format recommended by your insurer electronically.
Assistance with Filing Claim

Why Choose DSO Med Plus for Your DME Billing Services?

Our company has established itself as a strong and reliable DME billing company in the past decade. We have successfully addressed process loopholes for several major DME providers, enabling them to regain control over their collections. Our expertise in providing specialized assistance has been instrumental in achieving this.
DSO Med Plus has established itself as a reliable partner to the top three DME companies in the country, generating an annual revenue of $1.6 billion. We have become a preferred destination due to our exceptional productivity and competitive pricing. Yes, you heard correctly. We offer dedicated resources at reasonable pricing, which includes all-inclusive services. These resources will work as your team of DME billers and coders.