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FQHC Billing Services.

DSO Med Plus has extensive industry knowledge and a track record of accomplishment. We assist FQHC billing services in taking control of their revenue cycle and putting themselves on the road to financial success. Our purpose is straightforward: to ensure you receive the highest permissible payment for services.

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HIPAA Best Practises Training

HIPAA Best Practises Training

Medicare codes may be highly intricate, and because FQHCs provide many treatments, medical personnel may not be aware of all the relevant regulations. Medicare MSO employs coders and billers that are not just qualified but have also provided FQHC billing services. Every employee receives HIPAA best practices training to ensure patient information is handled securely.

FQHC Billing Services for Streamlined Healthcare Revenue

With our specialized expertise, advanced technology, and commitment to accuracy, we ensure a seamless billing process that allows healthcare providers to focus on delivering quality care.

Maximizing Reimbursements of FQHC Billing Services

DSO Med Plus employs skilled billing professionals with in-depth knowledge of FQHC billing regulations and procedures. By leveraging our expertise, healthcare organizations can significantly increase their reimbursement rates. We meticulously navigate complex billing codes and compliance requirements to ensure that every eligible service is accurately documented and billed, resulting in higher revenue realization.
Maximizing Reimbursements
Minimizing Billing Errors

Minimizing Billing Errors With Our FQHC Billing Services

With stringent regulations surrounding FQHC billing, errors can lead to reimbursement delays and financial penalties. Our advanced billing technology and thorough quality checks help prevent costly mistakes. DSO Med Plus employs automated validation processes and continuous training to minimize billing errors, ensuring that claims are submitted correctly the first time.

Customized Financial Reporting

Understanding the financial health of an FQHC is crucial for making informed decisions. DSO Med Plus offers customized financial reporting that provides detailed insights into revenue streams, billing performance, and outstanding claims. Our intuitive reports help healthcare administrators monitor vital metrics, identify trends, and optimize revenue cycles, improving financial stability and growth.
Customized Financial Reporting

What Makes Us Unique?

DSO Med Plus is a multinational organization that provides personalized, high-touch service. We gathered the most forward-thinking and inventive professionals in hospital and facility medical billing and revenue cycle management to bring this business into the current technology age. We can deal with any size hospital or institution due to our speed and scalability.