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Internal Medicine Services.

Seize this opportunity and take advantage of medical invoicing services for internal medicine that alleviates the burden of collecting payment from patients. We will use our advanced software and infrastructure to streamline and accelerate the billing process.
Internal Medicine Services

Errors In Medical Billing Lead To Financial Losses

Because primary care is a relatively low-paying specialty and insurers tend to reduce allowable billing amounts for many of the more common services performed when seeing general medicine patients, the primary care billing services and revenue cycle is particularly vulnerable to losses due to medical billing and coding errors.

How DSO Can Help in Internal Medicine Billing Services

Verification of Insurance Coverage Services

In this step, we will check to see if the patient’s insurance covers medical clinic services and whether or not the plan requires a referral or pre-authorization. After conducting the necessary research, We determine the deductible and the patient’s co-pay. Our General Medicine billing has streamlined benefits like insurance coverage validation and payment processing.

Statistics and Billing Processing

Charge input is the primary stage in the billing process since it establishes how much money the healthcare provider will get. Patient FaceSheet charges are added to the patient’s bill. Due to the critical nature of the data they are entering, it is crucial to have a skilled staff working on patient demographics input.
High-quality and error-free patient demographic and General Medicine, charge entry services are available from our team of Internal Medicine billing experts.

Coding & Analysis for Internal Medicine Billing

Our medical billing staff for medical clinic double-checks the services rendered. It assigns the correct Internal Medicine codes by reviewing the doctor’s transcription, diagnostic test reports, imaging reports, and other documents in the patient’s file.
Incorrectly submitted codes can cause ongoing claim denials, underpayments, and process disruptions. Such challenges might lead to significant medical billing concerns and additional claim-related responsibilities.

Coding & Analysis for Internal Medicine Billing

Why Choose DSO Med Plus for Medical Consultation Billing Services

We provide a full spectrum of Medical Consultation Billing Solutions tailored to your practice's requirements. DSO Med Plus has worked with various healthcare organizations, from single-location hospitals to large networks of clinics and hospitals offering a wide range of medical services.