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Molecular Laboratory Billing Services.

When it comes to molecular laboratory billing, DSO Med Plus is your go-to for regulatory compliance and revenue maximization.

Clinical Lab Billing

Molecular Laboratory billing Have Particular Needs

One of the many factors contributing to the difficulty of medical billing is the rapid evolution of genetic testing, which necessitates new billing codes. Even while molecular testing is helping doctors answer more and more questions and make better judgments, insurers are often reluctant to cover the costs.
Knowledge of billing codes isn’t enough for success in molecular lab billing; you also need familiarity with the many specifics that must be reported. Working with insurers before is also a plus. If your claim is refused or rejected, your biller can help you appeal the decision by providing the insurer with the information they need to approve it based on medical necessity.

Benefits of taking the Molecular Laboratory Billing Services by DSO

Conversions of Data and Integrations of Systems

If necessary, integrations with other systems, such as electronic health record systems (EHRs), are also available, as are data conversions from previously implemented systems.

Individually Tailored Fee Structures

The system can support price schedules based on parameters such as CPT or payer in a user-defined format according to the requirements of each user or on an everyday basis for each Laboratory.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

The medical billing and coding landscape, including molecular laboratory billing, is subject to frequent changes in regulations and guidelines set forth by various healthcare authorities. DSOs specializing in this area stay up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes, including coding, documentation, and reimbursement policies.

We Make Sure That the Claims That Are Submitted Are Accurate

DSO Med Plus specializes in billing for molecular, genetic, and diagnostic laboratories. These services guarantee that claims are correctly processed, presented on time, and include necessary paperwork supporting the claim. Our board-certified professionals in medical billing are highly knowledgeable in their fields and are current on any and all modifications that may be made to CPT codes. Because of our specific expertise and years of experience, we can file accurate claims from the beginning, resulting in greater collections on A/R accounts.