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Outstanding Payment Reduction

Medical coding and billing outsourcing has become a popular alternative for medical institutions of all types, and it may be very beneficial for nursing homes. Working with a professional organization, such as DSO Med-Plus, with certified coders and employees that are educated in HIPAA best practices and have experience in nursing home medical billing, is essential.

DSO Med Plus Nursing Home Health Billing Services

Running a nursing home necessitates that medical personnel remain focused on patient care while being accessible to manage crises. This makes it harder for those same folks to cope with billing issues.

Avoid Complicated Medicare Regulations

Are the Medicare guidelines confusing to you? Medicare covers nursing facilities, but the restrictions are changing, making it more difficult. A minor code error might result in payment loss. Our nursing home medical billing firm will precisely classify and document each claim before tracking it until reimbursed.

Understand How to Bill Multiple Insurers

Medicare Part A covers a nursing home stay needing skilled nursing care for a limited time. However, many people must reside in a nursing home for reasons other than a recent hospitalization. Some private insurers provide long-term care plans, and Medicaid covers individuals who need to be in a nursing home but do not have the funds to pay for it. The amounts covered and the conditions under which Medicaid applies differ by state.

Correctly code the Consolidated Billing Exceptions

Most nursing home services and prescriptions are included in the “consolidated billing” daily rate set by the Centres for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). However, there are a few exceptions, such as oncology. These specialized service claims must be processed via the nursing home. Therefore, billers must be informed of the additional services and how to code them appropriately.

Outsourcing Skilled Nurse Facility Billing to DSO

DSO has assisted nursing centers in both rural and urban areas of the United States (with a concentration on rural areas because that is where most nursing facilities are situated) to increase their revenues by lowering reimbursement rejection rates and increasing their focus on nursing services. DSO billers and coders have a deep understanding of billing and coding subtleties, allowing them to handle the complete billing and coding cycle, from determining patient eligibility for reimbursement to precisely distinguishing items covered by Medicare A and Medicare B. They also do post-claim-submission follow-ups to verify that CMS reimburses payments on schedule.
Our adaptable service models allow you to select a solution best suits your requirements and configuration. We provide various service options, including the in-house service model, in which providers can find in-house skilled care facility billers and coders via the DSO employment site.