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Ophthalmology Billing Services.

Timely invoicing and account reimbursement are closely tied to the financial strength of your ophthalmic practice. We’ve been offering ophthalmology billing services for many years.
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Practise Management with Ophthalmology Billing

Are ophthalmology billing aches and pains slowing down your practice? Do you become overwhelmed by paperwork, causing stress on your employees and tainting patient relationships? This is when you require practice management services from a reputable vendor.
You’re not by yourself! Even the best ophthalmologists have difficulty keeping up with medical billing and coding laws. The paperwork and other administrative responsibilities may become onerous, and you may lose out on possibilities to increase the profitability of your practice.
DSO is here to assist! Our ophthalmic medical billing professionals will relieve you of the burden of maximizing reimbursements. We remain current on code changes and other subtleties of ophthalmology billing, allowing you to focus on patients.

How DSO Can Help in Ophthalmology Billing Services

We simplify billing while providing you with the control and insight you want. Our billing procedure is designed to assist you in maintaining high reimbursement levels and compliance.

Specific Modifiers

Ophthalmology billing modifiers must be used in conjunction with standard medical billing codes to indicate if both eyes were impacted and whether it was the left or right eye. A modifier is required if a minor operation is performed on the same day as an office visit. Billers and programmers must also be able to code for many processes in the same context, among other things.

Codes bundled

Charges for services are frequently grouped, which simplifies coding. Still, it also necessitates medical billers and coders being aware of what is in each bundle since the physician may deem something more or alternative necessary. Billers must understand how to record additions and exclusions correctly. Otherwise, such services may be considered unneeded and rejected by payers.

Several Insurers and Payers

Insurance companies and Medicare/Medicaid cover ophthalmology, but billers must know whom to bill. Before invoicing Medicare, the biller must ensure that no other insurance, including a spouse’s workplace plan, Railroad Retirement, whether the patient is a member of certain unions or has VA benefits, and even if the injury is covered by no-fault insurance, can be invoiced.

Why Choose DSO?

Not all medical billing companies are made equal. With so many services available, selecting the best one for your practice might be challenging. You don't want to spend time or money with a poor practitioner unfamiliar with ophthalmic medical billing. Our coders are the finest in the field, and they use their deep experience to assign proper ophthalmic CPT codes and modifiers. We don't simply prioritize quantity at HMS; we also prioritize quality. Our experienced ophthalmology billing professionals have the specialized knowledge to rapidly and efficiently get your practice up to speed. We are more than simply a service provider; we are your success partner. We strive to build long-term client relationships by providing unparalleled customer service. You can rely on us to manage your billing needs precisely and accurately, allowing you to focus on what you do best: providing excellent patient care.