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Pediatric Billing Services.

Our skilled Paediatric billing service team will do precise Paediatric billing and coding to ensure timely payment and maximum reimbursement.
Paediatric Billing Services

With Experience Get You More

It is critical to recognize that understanding your practice’s income streams is the key to successful income Cycle Management. As a result, our team will assist you in increasing profitability by monitoring, measuring, and controlling all areas of your revenue cycle. The DSO team does have outstanding tools and experience. As a result, we have implemented money Cycle Management systems to gather money from claims payments, patients, and evidence-based data. Collecting from all of these sources can help ensure and increase the profitability of your practice’s healthcare payments.

How Can We Assist in Paediatric Billing Services?

DSO Med Plus has been offering Paediatric billing services for many years. Our skilled Paediatric billing service team will do precise Paediatric billing and coding to ensure timely payment and maximum reimbursement.

Services for Verifying Insurance Eligibility

We will check if patients are entitled to Paediatric services benefits under their insurance policy and if their plan has a referral or pre-authorization criteria throughout this treatment. Following verification, we compute the deductible and the patient’s co-payment. Our Paediatric billing services have improved cash flow, reimbursements, and insurance eligibility verification.

Services for Demographics and Charge Entry

The charge input phase is the most important in the billing process since it decides the payment amount for the healthcare organization. Charges from the patient’s FaceSheet are added to their account. Because they must enter extremely accurate data into the system, having a professional crew working on patient demographics, input is critical. Our Paediatric billing services team can offer you high-quality patient demographic and Paediatric charge entry services that are error-free.

Analysis and billing for children

To validate the services rendered and assign appropriate pediatric codes, our Paediatric medical billing team checks multiple sources in a patient’s file, such as the doctor’s transcription, diagnostic test results, imaging reports, and other sources. Continuous claim denials, underpayments, and a disturbed workflow might result from incorrect code input. Such challenges might lead to needless claim-related obligations and complicated medical billing complications.

Why Should You Go With DSO Med Plus for Paediatric Billing Services?

We provide a broad selection of Paediatric Medical Billing Solutions to match your healthcare organization's needs. DSO has a track record of success working with short-term and long-term care institutions ranging from standalone hospitals to healthcare systems with several sites and specialist programs.