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Podiatry Medical Billing.

DSO Med Plus’ cutting-edge, time-saving podiatry medical billing services will surely increase your practice’s revenue cycle and bottom line.
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Podiatry Billing Services that Get Results

Foot Care Billing Triumphs

Not all podiatry treatments are easily reimbursable by insurers, notably Medicare, making podiatry billing and coding a problematic business. Don’t panic! Our podiatrist medical billing service is well-equipped to deal with such nuances, so you won’t have to. Our expert billers help expedite the payment procedure for you.
When filing your claims, DSO Med Plus spares no effort. We want to increase payments and reduce rejections. For better reimbursements, our staff keeps up with the most recent coding and billing requirements.

Solving Podiatry Financial Puzzles

When compared to other medical specialties, podiatry medical billing deals with a large variety of coding issues. Providers’ frustrations with podiatry billing and coding difficulties are fully understood. With DSO Med Plus, however, you can say goodbye to the bureaucracy and complexity of payers. These difficulties in podiatry invoicing usually contain mistakes:

Decoding Complexity Bridging

Insurance companies won’t foot the bill for regular checkups, but with podiatry, the same ailment might be life-threatening for one patient but only an annoyance for another. For this and other reasons, choosing a medical billing firm specializing in podiatry is sensible. We ensure that podiatrists’ medical claims are billed correctly and that they receive full payment.
Coding Fails to Distinguish Medically Necessary from Routine
Inconsistent Use of Modifiers by Payers

Navigating the Maze of Payment Modifiers

Modifiers are subsets of CPT codes that further describe a patient’s condition and the care they will get. Coders working in podiatry billing and coding must be familiar with each insurance company’s modifier rules to accurately determine whether or not a patient is eligible for reimbursement. Our expert podiatrist coders ensure you get reimbursed promptly by submitting only the most precise codes. Streamline patient treatment while we take care of the medical bills for your practice.

Inappropriate Procedure Bundling by Insurance Companies

Payers often group related treatments under a single CPT code to streamline the billing and payment process. However, this practice isn’t without its drawbacks, as it can lead to under- or over-billing. To identify improper bundles, podiatry medical billing services must be familiar with the operations. They must be familiar with data entry and the appeals process if the insurer’s unreasonable demands result in a denied claim.
Insurers Bundling Procedures Inappropriately
Location Changes Affect Billing

Adapt Your Billing to Changing Locations

Podiatric operations are sometimes performed in other settings outside private practices, including hospitals and nursing homes, which might make billing more challenging. Modifiers must be used consistently to identify where an operation was performed, as payers have varied billing criteria depending on the location. A disagreement between the location code and another code in the patient’s file led to the claim being initially denied.

Unlock the Potential of Podiatry Medical Billing Profitability

We get how annoying and damaging it is to your bottom line when customers don’t pay you when they owe you money. We provide podiatrists’ medical billing services to guarantee payment for your work. Focus on your patients’ well-being while we handle the complexities of podiatry billing for you. Many practitioners have found that outsourcing their podiatric medical billing is the best option for them.
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