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Primary Care Billing Services.

DSO Med Plus manages all areas of physician billing and administration systems, including recovering aging accounts receivable. We also provide a comprehensive range of medical revenue cycle management services tailored to your needs in Primary Care.

How do our medical billing

Professionals assist Primary Care physicians?

DSO Med Plus is unmistakable when it comes to offering knowledgeable and effective medical billing services. We have the number and efficiency that Primary Care medical billing requires as the biggest consortium of medical billers in the United States. Furthermore, because of the volume of operations, the fees are typically relatively low, with no degradation in service quality. As a result, physicians may gain operational efficiency and income maximization by ensuring that their claims on medical bills are neither denied nor delayed.

Outsource DSO Med Plus to Optimize Your Claims and Primary Care

Collections of A/R

We frequently discover that new clients are losing significant income due to aging AR accounts. Our claim management system includes a mechanism for organizing old accounts receivable and recovering the most money from them. In many circumstances, it is as simple as confirming the amount and alerting the proper person, whether a payer or the patient themselves. As a physician billing firm, we streamline the medical billing process, resulting in lower costs and more revenue collection.

HIPAA Compliant

We employ the same digital security services as banks to keep patient information safe. You won’t have to worry about HIPAA compliance when we handle your billing. Our physician billing management system is mainly built to suit the medical industry’s confidentiality and security requirements. DSO Med Plus is a prominent HIPAA-compliant physician medical billing firm that provides the industry with various medical practice revenue cycle management services.
Review of charting and coding

In accordance with regulatory requirements

Conducting reviews is essential for any practice to verify that internal policies are followed, that work is up to your standards, and to record that everything is done in line with regulatory bodies and government payers’ laws. Our team of physician billing management professionals is highly skilled in locating system issues and ensuring that your practice is operated as you desire. Our medical billers submit proper claim forms with precise CPT codes to maintain steady revenue flow and long-term profitability.

Why Choose Us ?

Over the last decade or more, we have been a valued resource for major primary care centers nationwide. We believe in acting as a desired operational extension, focusing on your front-end concerns like no one else. Furthermore, our crew understands how to alleviate your practice management concerns by providing customized solutions at next-door prices. We have outstanding examples and top-tier success stories on how our integrated presence has lowered operational expenditures by over 80%. We collaborate with over 500 customers in primary care and family medicine alone. Join us if you want a whole overhaul of your reimbursements like no other. Our team provides tailored assistance in defining growth for the industry's finest. We are a next-generation destination that focuses on your primary care billing efforts with a quality-first mindset.