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Psychiatric Billing Services.

If you’re a psychiatrist and looking for to spend less on paperwork and more time with patients, let our experts handle your Psychiatric billing services.

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Due to the unique nature of mental health treatment, psychiatric billing services must pay close attention to every detail. By providing complete revenue cycle management (RCM), DSO Med Plus frees up psychiatrists and other medical professionals from administrative burdens so that they may focus on patient care rather than paperwork. Medical professionals and facilities all around the country have found success by outsourcing revenue cycle management and related administrative activities like payer credentialing and compliance checks. We offer solutions for behavioral health billing that facilitate easy reimbursement from insurance companies.

Solving Psychiatric Billing Services Challenges

DSO Med Plus users may see and interact with all their data whenever they choose. There are no drapes or other obstructions. We provide our customers with as much or as little control over the system as they’d want via training and participation. In addition to the reports we regularly prepare and evaluate with customers, they are welcome to construct their own at any time.

Cracking the Code of Complexity

Distinct psychiatric codes represent many comparable services. For instance, you must use a distinct CPT code to specify whether a medical professional or any other provider conducted an evaluation. As a result, it is challenging for novice coders to correctly complete claim forms since they cannot recall all those specifics.
Supplemental codes are widespread; they are often necessary but can never be used independently of a core code. Professionals in psychiatric medical billing must be familiar with these codes to verify their presence and avoid a claim denial.

Complex Coding
Referrals are Usually Required

Unlock Opportunities with Referrals

It is vital to ensure the reference has been submitted to the payer before meeting the patient, as patients typically need to see a primary care physician to acquire a referral to a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists need to be credentialed with as many insurers as possible, in addition to the government payers, to ensure that their patients may be sent to them without worrying about whether or not their therapy will be reimbursed.

Simplifying Coverage with Streamlined Rules

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that all plans sold through the Health Insurance Marketplace cover mental health and substance use disorder services. Still, it does not specify what must be covered, so coverages vary significantly between plans, and the same carrier may have different policies in different states.
Part A for hospital insurance, Part B for medical insurance, and Part D for prescription drug coverage apply to Medicare’s coverage of mental health treatment. Offering behavioral health billing services is complex and needs specific training and experience since individuals may be enrolled in multiple alternatives for each and have supplemental insurance. Your claims will be filed accurately since professional billing services know these nuances.

Complicated Rules for Coverage

Maximize Efficiency with Our Cutting-Edge Psychiatric Billing Solutions

Efficiently handle claims with our certified coders and billers

Our billers and coders have extensive training and expertise in psychiatric billing, so they know strictly what to look for and how to resolve any claims concerns as quickly as possible. Our tiny share of collected funds is more than offset by the money we save you by avoiding wasted employee time spent appealing claims and effectively receiving payment on refused and rejected claims.

Unlock Efficiency and Boost Revenue with DSO Med Plus' RCM

DSO Med Plus is here to provide you with any mental health billing services you may require. All facets of RCM are included in our mental health provider billing services. We continually update our proprietary software with the latest codes so that you may spend less time worrying about billing and more time caring for patients. Contact us right now to discuss how we can improve your revenue management.