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Radiology billing services.

Radiology revenue cycle management (RCM), accounts receivable, electronic health record/electronic medical record (EHR/EMR) technology, practise management and patient engagement are all services we offer.

We Will Handle Your Complicated Coding

Collections have extra issues due to free-standing imaging centres, mobile imaging (such as X-ray and ultrasound), and free-standing radiological equipment. CPT codes are classified into two types based on the services offered. Many imaging centres and radiology providers have refused claims due to incorrect CPT code modification. Still, with Swift Medical Solutions, you can be confident that you’ll be compensated for the time and care you’ve provided to patients.

How Can DSO Help in Imaging Center Billing Services?

We realise you are not interested in learning about complex legislation and billing code requirements. Your priority is to provide the finest possible treatment to patients. And it ought to be.

Professional Billing for Modern Radiology Services

Radiology is a rapidly evolving speciality, and Medicare MSO’s trained coders have the knowledge and experience to code and submit claims for optimal payment appropriately. Our billing firm assists laboratories in improving their cash flow and claim filing procedure and increasing their profitability.

Complete Billing Service

DSO Med Plus provides complete radiological medical billing services and best-practice process management to help you minimise your reimbursement cycle, expand revenue streams, and maximise profits. DSO Med Plus stands out among radiology billing businesses because our billers and coders are dedicated to seeing that you get compensated for your efforts.

Free Your Focus

When worrying about your bottom line, being entirely focused on patient care is tough. If you’re wasting time and money diagnosing finances rather than patients, it’s time to arrange a check-up for your existing radiology billing procedures.

Why Choose DSO Med Plus for Your Imaging Center Billing Services

To manage and improve your revenue cycle, we provide decades of knowledge gained from working with world-class imaging centres and hospitals. Our staff guarantees that all processes follow HIPAA guidelines. Billing for Medical Services Wholesalers recognises that Radiology focuses on patient care and assists physicians in concentrating on that as we work to reduce your operating expenses dramatically.