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Thoracic Surgery Billing Services.

By combining accurate voice recognition with thoracic surgery billing services, specific templates and flow sheets, surgeons may immediately begin saving time and money.

thoracic surgery billing services
Your Needs our solutions

Thoracic Surgery Billing Services

Your Needs our solutions

Thoracic Surgery Billing isn’t a one-size-fits-all venture, as Thoracic Surgery practices across the United States have different needs regarding revenue cycle management. This is why our Thoracic Surgery billing solutions are highly personalized and offer Thoracic Surgery practices considerable autonomy in their finance and workflow.

Process of DSO Med Plus for Thoracic Surgery Billing Services

DSO Med Plus is a reliable service that manages the revenue management cycle from start to finish. We can handle various tasks, including coding, claims handling, scheduling patients, and recovering past-due bills.

Enrollment and Credentialing

We obtain information from the payer to determine whether the provider is enrolled with you. We can proceed to the next phase once we have completed the checking and validation process.
Enrollment and Credentialing
Certified coders and billers

Certified coders and billers

We strive to offer exceptional service, considered the best in its class. Every claim is compliant and maintains accuracy throughout the entire process. Billers and coders are highly trained and updated with all DME policies and procedures.

Accounts Receivable (A/R) clean-up

Billers and coders are responsible for evaluating and addressing the reasons for claim rejections. They will then resubmit the claims to ensure that proper reimbursement is obtained. We understand the significance of accounts receivables for your financial success.
Accounts Receivable (AR) clean-up

Improve Your Revenue Collection With DSO Med Plus

We are a professional billing company specializing in Thoracic Surgery. We aim to optimize workflow and provide comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management and Billing Services for Thoracic Surgery practices.
DSO Med Plus offers Thoracic Surgery Medical Billing Services to physicians, solo providers, and small and large practices tailored to meet the specific needs of your practice. We provide tailored billing solutions for various healthcare providers, including independent practices and hospitals.