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Toxicology Billing Services.

Billing in the field of toxicology is a convoluted process prone to abrupt shifts. We take a proactive and strategic approach to managing the revenue cycle, which improves operational efficiency and speeds up payments.

Extraordinary Productivity

Reduce data duplication and shorten response times for urgent billing issues by streamlining and automating lab medical billing operations. Our seamless integration ensures effective outcomes for your organization.
We are aware of your efforts to provide services of high value to your clientele. That’s why we’re here to assist you in broadening your prospects for a better source of income.

Advantages of Outsourcing DSO Med Plus Toxicology Billing Services

When you outsource DSO to handle your toxicological billing, you can count on seeing a steady rise in your income. We implement flexible key performance indicators into your billing system to track accurate claim handling.


We touched on the need for proper test coding and billing procedures above. Coding standards and reimbursement rates are established by CMS and the AMA differently. Avoiding an audit or big payer refund demands hinges on deciding how many panels to test or how sophisticated a test to undertake.

Accounts Receivable

As a relatively novel process, AR follow-up has its own unique set of issues in the field of toxicology. This results in the initial denial or rejection of some claims, necessitating further investigation by phone or appeal. To address this, we help provide documentation for every toxicological test demonstrating a reasonable and medically required diagnosis by Medicare’s criteria. We have systems in place to deal with such matters, and our expertise in appealing and collecting such claims is extensive.

Lower Risk

Improve business transparency and management to keep up with ever-changing regulations. We have extensive expertise in lab billing and can help you anticipate and avoid potential problems. Streamlining toxicology lab billing might help you learn more about your clients’ payment habits and prevent any problems.

Why Choose Us for Your Toxicology Billing Service

Toxicology laboratories can only succeed in billing if they can get insurance contracts and keep up with the ever-changing list of toxicology codes. It also necessitates regular contact with several physicians and facilities to collect patient information and paperwork to back up the billing claim. You'll have a harder time being paid if you wait too long between the service date and filing your claim. In addition, you must actively manage your denial regularly.